AIR: Adventures in Relations

AIA: Adventures in Relations
LiWi: Live Intelligent Work Intelligent

Signature Workshop: Researched, refined and developed over a period of 20 years.
A unique blended/adventure activity workshop to achieve more; take bonding to next higher level by leveraging gender strengths for young workforce, couple relations and family owned businesses.

Program Overview:
Do you think our earlier generations were happier, they knew some ancient secrets?
Would you like to nurture relations to overcome fear of managing risk and uncertainties of life?
Would you like to live happy, grow & progress natural intelligent way, the way God has destined?

Over 10 million participants have benefitted over a period of 20 year by attending this workshop. God has created Man and Woman differently to complement each other. Their brain wiring, thought process, interpretation, assimilation & application of information is uniquely different. They have different happiness engagement buttons & emotional needs. If you are in relation or business, and are able to understand & appreciate the gender-based thought process of your companion, associates, employees & prospects; you’re going to be happier, more productive. Additionally, if you are in a leadership role and are able to understand gender nuances you are going to be successful as an effective leader

The happiness and productivity of people in the workplace has immense benefits, long term benefits cannot be elucidated in single page. This program assists participants in interpreting how women & men think, common gender stereotype perceptions & empower themselves to overcome the barriers. Let’s live the way God has created us. Use emotion & logic in a balanced way. This program encourage participants to respect nature, the way god has created us, appreciate the importance of differences as created by God and alternate thought process thereof for happy living.

Program Objectives:
After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn with fun, how to communicate with opposite gender & respond appropriately
  • Recognize their gender stereotype ignorance and learn ancient secrets (scriptures speak)
  • Demonstrate ways to implement learning at home, at workplace and cherish the blissful life

Suggested Program Duration: 2 day
Participant Profile: Matured audience; openness & willing to learn, experiment with new ideas

Workshop Conceptualized and Created by Prabhjot Singh Sood


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