Conflict Management

Program Overview:

Conflicts are natural and an integral part of working closely with people. We are likely to face numerous conflicts in our professional, family or social environments. Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that people can face almost any problem except the problem of difficult people. They can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they can’t deal with the difficult people in their lives. In fact, teams that are in conflict have a lower level of performance than teams that are cohesive and understand each other, work and perform at higher levels than those who are in conflict.

This conflict management workshop will help participants identify some of the ways they may be contributing to these problems and offer some strategies that they can adopt at work and in their personal life. This will help your organization gain time and increase productivity from having employees who understand each other and can work together without causing conflict or tension.

During the workshop, participants will share their personal experiences regarding conflict at the work place and use role plays to practice behavior that minimizes conflict.

Program Objectives:

    After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what conflict is
  • State the reasons of conflict
  • Analyze different conflict situations
  • Exhibit assertive communication
  • List the steps required to resolve conflicts

Suggested Program Duration: 2-3 day
Participant Profile: Middle Managers with 3 to 7 years of experience. Matured audience; openness & willing to learn, explore new ideas


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